Aviat Networks microwave powers high-frequency trading at McKay Brothers

By Telecom Lead
 Aviat Networks, a provider of microwave networking solutions, has
entered into an agreement with McKay Brothers to deliver low-latency wireless
transport equipment and services for McKay Brothers’ microwave network
connecting Chicago and New York City financial centers.

McKay Brothers is a
provider of low-latency private carrier services to high-frequency trading
(HFT) firms.

The company said that
its solution is based on the Eclipse Packet Node microwave radio platform,
which meets the requirements of McKay Brothers in terms of latency, flexibility
and upgradeability.

“For McKay
Brothers, the Eclipse Packet Node wireless transmission platform proved ideal
for building a low- latency wireless transport network. Plug-in modules for the
Eclipse platform enabled us to quickly accommodate McKay Brothers’ need for a
low-latency solution in its wireless transmission network,”
said Michael Pangia, president and CEO, Aviat Networks.

Aviat Networks’
Eclipse Packet Node platform has ultra low-latency, which will allow our
microwave network to be milliseconds faster than any fiber network could ever
be on this route.

Aviat Networks
engineered this low-latency platform without compromising the other advanced
telecom functionality that is critical to the engineering of our network. If
you consider the number of low-latency routes in the world, the number of
trading firms and the strength of Aviat Networks’ offering, I think this will
be a substantial opportunity for the company,” said Bob Meade, co-founder
of McKay Brothers.

The McKay Brothers
expects to complete its network deployment in the first half of this year.
Compared to the other routes currently filed with the FCC, McKay’s network will
be the straightest and have the fewest hops.

Earlier,  Aviat Networks announced that it helped WNM Communications (WNMC) provide its rural
New Mexico customers with additional redundancy for lifeline services and
further capacity for Internet access and phone service.

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