AXIOM Systems acquires Ivertex


AXIOM Systems announced the acquisition of
Ivertexo Internet Solutions (Ivertex), a Phoenix, Arizona based company with
over 3,500 healthcare clients utilizing their administrative software solutions
to support over 15,000 unique healthcare providers.  Ivertex CEO Jeff
Benjamin will join AXIOM as its chief technology officer.

Since 1999 Ivertex has been on the forefront of
developing business solutions, managed hosting, software, and services which
simplify HIPAA eCommerce within the provider office and billing service

“We are pleased to add Jeff and his developers as
part of our team of healthcare IT experts. The combination of Ivertex and AXIOM
will allow us to bring new platforms and products to our many Payer clients and
provides us with thousands of new potential Provider clients to accelerate our
growth in the healthcare Provider market,” said Richard Howe, CEO of

AXIOM will continue to enhance the Ivertex
SolAce EMC and ClaimShuttle products to provide more robust revenue and payment
cycle features to simplify HIPAA eCommerce, maximize revenue, and further
reduce administrative costs.

ClaimShuttle transports a client’s electronic files to
and from a Medicare carrier or other destination using secure Internet
connections. Clients send claims and receive and view remittances and
acknowledgements using an intuitive easy to use web browser interface or
automating the process using other secure connectivity protocols.

SolAce EMC allows provider offices or billing services to
generate claims on-line or via an integration engine that can support any
billing or practice management system.  SolAce EMC reduces turn-around time
of health insurance claims and enhances an organization’s revenue cycle
management process.  

AXIOM’s flagship TransSend application architecture
supports 4010 and 5010 transactions concurrently while minimizing
implementation, support and remediation efforts.

“We are excited to be entering the next phase of our
long-term relationship with AXIOM and look forward to expanding our
subscription-based, hosted connectivity solutions into the healthcare payer
market.  We have a solid history of lowering cost per claim for healthcare
providers, and our new combined organization will afford healthcare payers that
same advantage. This is a win-win for us, our provider organization
clients, and healthcare payers nationwide,” said Jeff Benjamin, CEO of

The TransSend Portal module provides Trading Partner
management features while enabling providers and payers to view HIPAA EDI
transactions as easy to understand business documents. Additional support
for HIPAA 5010 mitigation strategies is provided by step up and step down
transaction conversion capabilities of AXIOM’s HIPAAGen5010 software.

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