Axis launches edge storage for video surveillance systems

Axis Communications announced that edge storage within
Axis IP cameras now has the market’s first tight integration with video
management software (VMS) partners such as Aimetis, Genetec, Milestone, and
OnSSI. The integration of Axis’ edge storage with VMS enables more reliable and
more redundant video surveillance solutions.

In the ever-innovating IP video surveillance world,
we’ve been collectively discussing the potential of edge storage for some time
as a way to improve reliability and flexibility,” said Fredrik Nilsson, general
manager, Axis Communications Inc.

By providing edge storage solutions in close cooperation
with these major VMS partners, we can help customers build an even more
customizable and redundant network video system with a mix of SD/SDHC card
storage and traditional server-based video recordings,” Nilsson added.

With the new solution, edge storage can be used to
enhance redundancy and reliability in a system. SD cards are gaining in
capacity and reliability, making the technology a viable option for video
recording. Additionally, SD cards have the advantage over a hard disk because
it is solid state with no moving parts, increasing reliability.

It can, for example, be set up to store video in the
camera during a network failure or when the VMS is taken down for maintenance.
Once the system is up and running again, the system will automatically feed the
recorded clips back to the VMS, ensuring the user gets seamless, uninterrupted
video recordings.

Axis’ edge storage is a critical enabler for the innovative
Video Trickling feature we launched earlier this year in Omnicast,” said Morgan
Pasnon, senior technology alliance manager, Genetec.

The capability is especially useful in mission-critical
installations, such as airport or mass transit hubs, where edge storage in
cameras covering entrances and exits could be a critical part of the strategic
backup plan.

Edge storage is a critical enabler for our
system redundancy feature, which helps Aimetis provide new ways of
building dependable and fail-safe video surveillance solutions,” said Marc
Holtenhoff, CEO of Aimetis.

Another benefit of edge storage arises in systems with
low network bandwidth where scenes could be monitored in a low bandwidth
configuration, but recorded locally in very high quality.

Edge storage will be supported by leading VMS providers
for the majority of Axis network cameras and video encoders with the latest
firmware version 5.40 as upgrades become available.

AXIS P1346 Network Camera will be the first to support
this feature. It is supported by several leading vendors of video management
software through Axis’ Application Development Partner Program and AXIS Camera

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