Belgacom selects WYPLAY for IP-STB client software

WYPLAY, a provider of software solutions for TV-centric
operators, announced that it has been selected by Belgacom to provide its next
generation client software for IP-STB.

With over 1 million IPTV subscribers, Belgacom is the
quadruple-play telecom operator in Belgium and one of Europe’s most recognized
IPTV operators for its successful market entry and cutting-edge strategy.

WYPLAY demonstrates once
again its ability to deliver advanced software solutions in an up and running
digital TV eco-system. WYPLAY softwares sit at the very heart of the connected
home and power top brand names in consumer electronics and digital TV platform
providers including SFR in France and key Vodafone entities around Europe.

Wyplay’s offering is the broadest in the market spanning
from complete connected media players to a full range of global and local web
services (VoD, MoD, GoD), Over-The-Top web experiences, media playback via
intuitive 3D interface, support for Widgets, unparalleled connectivity, and
complete UIs from design to implementation.

“We’re delighted to have been selected by Belgacom.
We share Belgacom’s passion and commitment to deliver a continuous range of
innovative services with a clear focus on next-generation convergence,
entertainment user experience, and performance,” said Jacques Bourgninaud, CEO,

Recently, Wyplay has integrated  the
YouTube on TV” application into its client middleware and is now deploying it
with its Vodafone customers.

YouTube, a wholly owned subsidiary of Google, has
developed a free YouTube application for the TV that lets users sit back and
watch their favorite YouTube videos on the big screen, in up to 720p HD video quality,
with easy navigation and quick access to YouTube search.

By Team
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