Belkin unveils new routers in Canada


Belkin announced that its new line of wireless routers
now available in Canada. Engineered with MultiBeam technology for maximum speed
and coverage, the new routers showcase Belkin’s dedication to high-performance
networking solutions and were confirmed by The Tolly Group, an independent IT
testing organization, to outperform leading competitors.


All of Belkin’s new routers feature MultiBeam, an
exclusive technology that provides greater throughput at greater distances.
That translates to higher data rates, faster speeds, and stronger wireless
signals throughout the home to minimize dead spots and enable you to connect
multiple devices in more places.


The Belkin N600 DB and
N750 DB routers also feature dual-band channels to eliminate interference and
optimize performance for bandwidth-intensive applications such as
high-definition video streaming.


Each router also features Belkin’s Easy Setup, a simple
process for getting the router out of the box and online in three easy steps,
and pre-configured encryption settings for built-in wireless security.


When tested for performance by The Tolly Group, Belkin’s
N150, N300, and N600 DB together averaged a 68 percent performance improvement
across all tested products, while the flagship N750 DB tested concurrent Wi-Fi
and WAN speeds of up to 900Mbps.


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