Blue Coat adds web security to WAN optimization for re-architecting enterprise WAN

Blue Coat Systems, a provider of Web
security and WAN optimization solutions, announced that it has added
Cloud-Connector to its Blue Coat MACH5 WAN optimization appliances and virtual

Cloud-Connector allows companies with Blue
Coat WAN optimization solutions deployed in branch or remote offices to
instantly apply Web security from the Blue Coat Cloud Service.

“With the rapid adoption of cloud-based
services and applications, companies are re-thinking the typical enterprise
standard of routing Internet traffic from branch offices through a central data
center or headquarters,” said Cindy Borovick, vice president, IDC.

The Blue Coat Cloud-Connector can automatically and transparently forward inbound and
outbound Internet traffic to the Blue Coat Cloud Service, a scalable,
Internet-delivered security service that provides real-time protection against
Web-based threats without the need for on-location equipment or the requirement
to update appliances, servers or user desktops.

Besides the ability to add Web security
services, MACH5 appliances integrate with the Blue Coat Cloud Service to
dramatically reduce bandwidth requirements and speed the delivery of
applications both from the cloud and the enterprise data center. 

Blue Coat’s integrated CloudCaching Engine
accelerates the delivery of Internet content and SaaS applications through
one-sided optimization. In addition, live stream-splitting and on demand video
caching scale delivery of enterprise and Internet video and reduce the impact
of recreational content and downloads. The Blue Coat MACH5 solution also
provides foundational WAN optimization technologies to accelerate files, email,
backup, DR and other applications.

According to WAN assessments performed by
Blue Coat over the past several months on the networks of prospective
customers, inbound Internet traffic often represents 45-65 percent of the total
traffic crossing the WAN.

While a majority of the traffic may be for
non-business or recreational use by employees, an increasing amount is devoted
to cloud-based services and applications. Backhauling such a large amount of
traffic adds considerable network expense and slows the responsiveness of all
business applications, including cloud-based applications which must traverse both
the WAN and the Internet.

“Blue Coat Next Generation WAN optimization
enables companies to transform their existing networks and drive optimization
beyond the traditional Wide Area Network,” said Steve Daheb, chief marketing
officer and senior vice president, Blue Coat Systems. 

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