Blue Coat IPv6 Secure Web Gateway Solution Enables Global Companies to Participate in World IPv6 Day

Blue Coat
announced it is using its IPv6
Secure Web Gateway solution to enable
the secure and seamless migration of applications,
services and content between IPv4 and IPv6 environments
for World IPv6 Day. 

The Blue Coat IPv6 Secure Web
Gateway and IPv6 WAN Optimization solutions have been deployed by global
companies, including NTT.

successfully transition to IPv6, organizations must consider a number of issues
that are often taken for granted in IPv4 environments, including creating
secure user policies and accelerating or optimizing IPv6-enabled Web
content.  Traditional technologies that address these challenges in IPv4
environments don’t work in IPv6 environments,” said Qing Li, chief scientist at
Blue Coat Systems. 

The Blue Coat ProxySG appliance is the
only solution in the industry that can both rate new and unknown IPv6 Web
content in real time and optimize that content over the WAN, making the
transition between IPv4 and IPv6 environments seamless for users,” Li added.

During World
IPv6 Day, companies will make their Websites available over IPv6 for a 24-hour
test period.  The goal is to motivate organizations, including service
providers, content providers and hardware vendors, to prepare their services
and products for IPv6 to ensure a successful transition from IPv4

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