Boingo enhances unlimited Wi-Fi data plans


Boingo Wireless announced that it has enhanced its
unlimited Wi-Fi data plans, simplifying Wi-Fi access for users with more than
one Wi-Fi enabled device.


Users can log in with laptops, tablets, smartphones and
any variety of other Wi-Fi enabled consumer electronics devices with a single


At a time when everyone else seems to be making it
harder to get connected to the mobile Internet by capping usage or throttling
throughput, we’re making it even easier to use our unlimited Wi-Fi plans,” said
Dawn Callahan, vice president of consumer marketing, Boingo Wireless.


People now rely on multiple devices to get their
Internet on, whether Facebooking, Tweeting, checking in, uploading photos,
downloading iTunes purchases, or streaming music and video. We just want to
say, We’ve got your back,” Callahan added.


Popular monthly plans with unlimited Wi-Fi access, such
as Boingo Unlimited (Americas), Boingo UK + Ireland, Boingo Europe Plus, and
Boingo Asia Pacific, can now be used with any Wi-Fi enabled device.


Users can choose to log in via the splash page presented
in the hotspot, or with Wi-Finder, Boingo’s simple but powerful roaming app
that helps you log in to more than 325,000 hotspots with a single click.


By Team
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