Boingo to operate hybrid Wi-Fi service at Denver International Airport

Telecom Lead America: Boingo Wireless, a provider of
Wi-Fi services, will provide hybrid Wi-Fi Internet service to passengers at
Denver International Airport (DIA).

Boingo claims that it will provide services that support
free basic Internet access and paid premium Internet access to address the
needs of different travelers. It is also maintaining the ability to fund
network improvements and upgrades to support increasing demand for wireless

We are looking forward to Boingo providing Wi-Fi service
in the spring. Boingo will be responsible for improving the quality of DIA’s
free Wi-Fi service, and providing a new upgrade option that will support power
users’ elevated demand for Internet at Denver International Airport,” said John
Ackerman, chief commercial officer for Denver International Airport.

Over the last few years, data demand has undergone
explosive growth and put a tremendous burden on many networks, including

We understand the complexity of managing Wi-Fi services
to account for the growth and deliver a quality experience across laptops,
smartphones, tablets, e-readers and other Wi-Fi enabled devices,” said Colby
Goff, senior vice president of strategy and business development for Boingo

Its new Internet service at DIA will allow casual Wi-Fi
users to take advantage of free basic access throughout the airport to watch
videos, stream audio, web surf, book hotels and flights, check email, and post
to Facebook.

Power users will also have the ability to upgrade to the
premium service to improve performance for connecting to corporate VPNs,
streaming high definition video, sending large files and using other data
intensive applications.

Moreover, Boingo’s roaming and platform service partners
will have one-click access to the premium Wi-Fi services at Denver
International Airport. Those partners, which wholesale Wi-Fi access from Boingo
and provide self-branded Wi-Fi to their customers as part of their existing
services, include Korea Telecom, LGU+, NTT Communications, Orange France,
Skype, Swisscom, Telefonica, TeliaSonera and Verizon.

Boingo’s portfolio of managed airport Wi-Fi locations
includes more than 60 leading airports worldwide, including London Heathrow,
Chicago O’Hare, New York John F. Kennedy, Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International,
and Rome Leonardo da Vinci Fiumicino.

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