Boost Mobile’s $35 plan offers unlimited talk, text and 2.5GB of 3G / 4G data

Sprint today said Boost Mobile’s $35 Data Boost plan is offering unlimited talk, text and data with 2.5GB of high-speed 3G / 4G LTE data a month data.

For comparison, T-Mobile customers spend $50 / month for 3GB of high-speed data; Boost gives two more gigabytes of high-speed data for $5 less.

MetroPCS customers spend $40 / month for 2GB of high-speed data; Boost gives 500 more megabytes of high-speed data for $5 less.

The pre-paid offer will be available from February 3 in the U.S., said Sprint.

Boost Mobile plans

Customers can purchase the new plan when they enroll in Auto Re-Boost in stores or online. Auto Re-Boost is Boost’s automatic payment method that allows a customer to register a credit card or debit card, or bank account with Boost Mobile which will be used to automatically make a payment each month.

“We continue to answer the call of data-hungry consumers by offering a $35 no-contract plan that provides unlimited talk, text and the most high-speed data for a single-line plan at the lowest price,” said Angela Rittgers, vice president, Sprint Prepaid Group.

In addition to the new $35 Data Boost plan, customers will receive up to $100 off any new phone when they port their number to Boost from any carrier and sign up for a Data Boost plan.

New customers who don’t bring their number will get their first month free.

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