Broadcom launches remote monitoring and diagnostic capabilities

Telecom Lead America: Broadcom Corporation has launched
remote monitoring and diagnostic capabilities based on its Full-Band Capture
digital tuning technology. 

By capturing the entire 1GHz cable spectrum, Broadcom’s
remote diagnostics provide access to real-time data and visibility into a
user’s home coax network for quick problem diagnosis and better overall
customer service.  

Broadcom’s Full-Band Capture Remote Diagnostics
technology can be implemented on the company’s entire cable set-top box,
gateway and modem platforms using Full-Band Capture digital tuning technology
chipsets. Tailored to individual operator needs, operators can gather
troubleshooting information without impacting customer video or data service. 

Broadcom’s Full-Band Capture Diagnostics platforms are
available today and supported on all cable set-top box, modem and gateway
platforms with Full-Band Capture digital tuning technology.

Dan Marotta, Broadcom’s Executive Vice President and
General Manager, Broadband Communications Group, said Broadcom’s breakthrough
Full-Band Capture digital tuning technology not only gives operators the
flexibility to deliver more channels and services at a lower cost, but it also
enables the ability to deliver remote diagnostic services. This service is
not only delivering a vastly improved customer service experience, but also
facilitates huge cost savings for operators.

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