Broadcom unveils new set top box system-on-a-chip solution in India

Telecom Lead India: Broadcom has launched the
BCM7014, an integrated single chip standard definition MPEG2 cable set-top box
(STB) system-on-a-chip (SoC) solution.


The company said that its new platform is aimed at
India’s cable TV digitization
initiative by providing a cost-efficient system capable of rapid, wide-scale


“Broadcom is committed to meeting the demands for
India’s cable digitization efforts with low cost designs and key user benefits
that satisfy the growing market for Indian cable TV.  With quick channel
change speed and volume leveling technology, Broadcom solves common problems
that occur when migrating from analog to digital TV,” said Dan Marotta,
executive vice president & general manager of Broadcom.


According to Tonse Telecom, the Indian cable TV market is
in for a major overhaul with initial digitization efforts mandated by the
government for June 2012, and full digitization efforts scheduled for December
2014 completion. 


Around 60,000 set-top boxes need to be installed every
day to meet the initial deadline. 


With the Indian government backing the effort and supporting
foreign direct investment, there is a significant opportunity for digital
set-top box technology in the country.


The company said that its technology can quickly
transition India’s 94 million analog cable TV households to new digital


The BCM7014 is a low cost solution, which has integrated
DVB-C tuner, demodulator, MPEG2 A/V decoder, regulators controller, A/V outputs
and RF Modulator replacing many discrete components with a single integrated
SoC for an unprecedented level of integration and cost efficiency.


The solution’s 2-layer reference design achieves a size
of only 4 x 2.5 inches with minimal external components.  The solution has
an integrated power management controller that reduces average power
consumption up to 65 percent in a typical day and fast resume technology enable
quick booting to video in as little as few seconds.


The company said its BCM7014 is now shipping in volumes
across the globe.


Broadcom unveils entry level HD cable Set-Top Box


Recently, Broadcom Corporation introduced its new 40nm HD
cable set-top box (STB) system-on-a-chip (SoC) solutions to meet the growing
global demand for entry-level HD STB platforms. 


Using Broadcom’s portfolio of digital cable solutions,
these new products add higher performance processing while lowering power
consumption to Broadcom’s lowest cost HD STB platforms.


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