Broadcom unveils NFC Chips in 40 NM to drive mobile payments


Broadcom announced
that it unveiled a new family of NFC chips designed to drive the mass
deployment of NFC in consumer electronics devices.


With a
powerful combination of power, size and functional requirements, the new chips
provide the advanced capabilities required by OEMs to ignite NFC adoption in
consumer electronics.  


 Manufactured in 40 nm CMOS technology, the new
Broadcom BCM2079x family slashes power consumption by more than 90 percent,
uses 40 percent fewer components and has a 40 percent smaller board area,
making it the smallest and most power efficient NFC solution on the market.


controllers are platform agnostic with support for multiple secure elements or
SIM cards – or both at the same time.


In addition,
Broadcom’s advanced Maestro middleware allows new NFC applications to utilize
Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities in the device to spur new innovations in user
interface and media sharing.  


Advantages: Reduces power consumption; Low power target detection mode, which
leverages Broadcom’s innovative low-power techniques, reduces polling power
consumption by more than 90 percent for longer battery life.  

Reduces board
space requirements and design complexity; Industry’s smallest size chip
integrates more external components, reducing total solution BOM (bill of
materials) costs.


support and flexibility for all business models and future wireless innovation;
Only NFC controller to integrate transaction-based Application ID (AID) routing
for simultaneous support of multiple secure elements (both SIM and non-SIM)
within a single device.


solutions provide the features and performance that enable disruptive
innovation that will reshape the mobile consumer experience. Our leadership and
proficiency in wireless connectivity influenced the architecture of these new
chips to meet the performance required by OEMs, allowing them to more easily
add NFC to their designs,” said Craig Ochikubo, VP and GM, Wireless
Personal Area Networks, Broadcom Corporation.


recently announced
its 40nm HD Cross-Platform Global Digital TV Transport Adapter (DTA)
system-on-a-chip (SoC) product family.  


By converting
TV programming from analog to digital, Broadcom is paving the way for the
expanded network capacity that operators require in order to deliver more
interactive HDTV programming and services around the globe.  


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