Brocade: Announced a $100 mn investment for cloud networking solutions

Speaking about how the launch of the new VDX 6730 suite
of products will help telecom service providers, K P Unnikrishnan, APAC
Marketing director of Brocade Communications,
explains how Ethernet will
usher in the next wave of networking.


How will the VDX 6730 benefit the telecom

VDX 6730 is the industry’s first LAN/SAN convergence
solution supporting native F-Callisto Platform and VDX6710 which is also the
industry’s first 1G Ethernet Fabric TOR switch Carme Platform. Ethernet is the
next wave of networking. VDX provides for flatter networks using the existing
infrastructure. Some of its features include flexible storage option,
multi-port, Brocade Network advisor which sits in the network, and is the only
unified network management platform that provides SAN, LAN and IP today. We
launched this platform almost simultaneously across the world last week, along
with a couple of other products.


What are some of the other cloud and Ethernet
products that have become popular with telecom service providers?


Last week, we also launched the Brocade Network
Subscription model (BNS), which provides networking equipment for SPs by
mapping their needs and providing network equipment accordingly. Services on
this platform are payable on a monthly basis, and any SP can avail the same.
Essentially providing network as a service, customers globally have just
started signing up for this and we expect Indian companies to follow suit shortly.
With these new launches, our products can now manage the entire network and
provide full life-cycle management, with enhanced features. Some other products
include the Virtual Compute Block, which can be integrated together to get a
low-cost, high-performance and scalable platform that can be used across
networks. Our offerings are also cloud-optimised, and offered on a monthly
subscription mode, and we have a network acquisition model that can be aligned
to your network needs. Another advantage of our products is the zero capital
investment, as we work with existing infrastructure.


In the last 2 years, there has been a drastic increase in
our telecom footprint worldwide, which is driven by growing demand. With the
adoption of 3G in India, products like data centre switches, fabric adaptors,
SAN backbone, and converged fabric adaptors have become popular.


In which space in the telecom sector do you
see maximum demand for your products?


While we offer products for enterprises and SPs, among SP
solutions products for Carrier Ethernet, and mobile backhaul space for mobile
broadband are most popular in India, while IPTV still needs to catch up. VDX is
the latest in this space. Apart from these, we also offer cloud solutions for
existing infrastructure, ISP products, triple play and IPTV, which is becoming
popular with the rise in demand of video and large levels of aggregation
services which are needed to operate it.


How do your telecom offerings differentiate
for established and emerging markets?


The unique characteristic about emerging markets is that
they have both greenfield and consolidated infrastructure, by new and
established operators, respectively. Some of our key telecom offerings for
emerging markets include integrating our products with the existing network,
simplicity in managing the network, high level of scalability and performance
according to business needs, application integration, working with local
providers, multi-vendor environment and open platform for various technologies and
infrastructure, and first-mover advantage, as we are the first to track new
network trends in the market and seamlessly integrate them into the individual
networking space.


The above offerings provide more value propositions for
emerging markets, and added benefits to established markets. The main
differentiator between catering to established and emerging markets would be
our global strategy with local adaptation.


Today there are many cloud and Ethernet
providers in India. What is the key to staying ahead in this space?


Understanding the customers and their requirements, as
well as being able to gauge where the market is going and invest at the right
time in new technologies is key to staying ahead. Innovation is also important,
as markets and trends are constantly changing, and one needs to offer different
options for different needs. Innovation in terms of added features and
integration and high-level intelligence is what differentiates us from the
rest, and gives us leadership position.


What is your investment plan for India and
APAC for the next 6 months to 1 year?


Having been in this region for the last 10 years, we have
the largest development site in India for the US. In April-May this year, we
announced a $100 million investment to help organizations build their network
into the cloud. To help them leverage this, we pay personal visits to their
company, study their individual needs, train the employees and also provide
them with a trip to the US Brocade centre to facilitate using the product.
While any company can avail of this investment, it is most applicable to large
enterprises and large telecom SPs. A lot of companies have already signed up
for this from all over the world and will be going to US later this month for
the demos. Apart from this, our ongoing investment in the region will continue.


By Beryl M
[email protected]