Brocade provides ICX switches to Daramalan College for network transformation

Telecom Lead Asia: Brocade announced that Daramalan
College, the largest single-campus independent secondary school in the
Australian Capital Territory, has replaced its aging local area network
infrastructure with a unified campus networking solution based around
the new ICX family of switches from Brocade.

“Our old network, with its stacked core and daisy-chained
access switches, was never designed to handle what was being asked of it. A
core upgrade was needed to minimize network-wide downtime and the access
switches replaced to provide greater bandwidth. We needed to make a change —
and fast,” said Rob Wilson, Daramalan College’s IT manager.


Brocade’s technology was selected to provide the college
with its next-generation campus solution. The project was fulfilled through
local system integrator, Correct Communications.


The school has 720 new notebook computers for students
with another 200 in classrooms, teachers’ offices and the library, in addition
to the 250 existing desktop PCs and the VoIP phone system. The company said
that the existing network was unable to support such media-rich traffic flow.


To alleviate previous network access
limitations, Brocade ICX 6610 Switches were deployed within
classrooms, laboratories, offices and the library.


Brocade said that its each ICX 6610 provides 48 Gigabit
Ethernet (GbE) ports with four 40-GbE ports that can be used to link up to
eight units into a single logical switch with chassis-like reliability and
performance. The college now has six ICX 6610 switch stacks in place, each of
which has a pair of fibre-optic GbE connections to the network core.


With the ICX switches now in place Daramalan College will
be able to use Brocade’s HyperEdge Technology in the future.


The technology will allow the college to employ
single-point management to simplify LAN operations and mix-and-match switches
as it expands its access network stacks.


Brocade unveils The Effortless Network simplifying campus LAN


Recently, Brocade announced the introduction of The
Effortless Network, its new vision. Based on Brocade HyperEdge technology, it
is designed to deliver new levels of automation and simplification of the
campus LAN lifecycle.


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