Brocade provides networking solutions to three school districts in U.S

Telecom Lead America: Brocade announced that
three school districts located in California, South Carolina and
Missouri are upgrading their networks with Brocade networking solutions to
meet their burgeoning needs.

To address the demand of data explosion, these schools
implemented Brocade networking solutions to manage data explosion and
applications that demand a high-performance.


“Our student size has doubled to more than 10,500 in
the past decade, and the range of technology needs has expanded greatly too,
but the performance-to-value ratio is a prime concern. We need networks that
work quickly and are simple to configure and troubleshoot. We want high performance,
not high maintenance,” said Tom Queen, director of Technology at the Fort
Mill School District in South Carolina.


The Fort Mill network implemented a Brocade
FCX stackable switch for a new school. With the savings afforded by this
implementation, the school district decided to add new switches to cover six of
the 13 schools in the district by mid-2012, with other rollouts in the works.


The district is also considering a new set of Brocade
platforms, including the Brocade MLX family of routers, the Brocade
ServerIron ADX family of high-performance application delivery switches
and the Brocade VDX family of switches, the industry’s first Ethernet
fabric switches.


On the other hand, the El Monte Union High School
District currently has Brocade MLX routers for Layer 3 core routing and Brocade
FCX and Brocade FastIron SX switches in the IDFs that connect to the
desktop and support a host of Power over Ethernet (PoE) equipment, including IP
surveillance cameras, wireless access points and a district-wide voice over IP
(VoIP) installation.


The Washington School District in Missouri has also
implemented a Brocade network. The School is using Brocade FCX switches to
support its network, a Brocade MLX router for the network core and Brocade VDX
switches for prioritizing services.


The district also has implemented Brocade Mobility
wireless controllers for centralized wireless management and Brocade Mobility
access points for wireless connectivity.


Brocade unveils The Effortless Network simplifying campus LAN


Recently, Brocade announced the introduction of The
Effortless Network, its new vision. Based on Brocade HyperEdge technology, it
is designed to deliver new levels of automation and simplification of the
campus LAN lifecycle.


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