BSNL VoIP video calls to challenge traditional video conferencing


The state-run BSNL announced it launched voice and video
telephony over Internet Protocol network in India.


Users can make audio and video calls on landline, mobile
or IP anywhere in the world (except India). In India, BSNL customers can make
IP to IP calling within BSNL network.


The VVOIP service will cost 40 paise per minute for audio
calls and Rs 2 per minute for video calls within the country. International
calls will be cost effective. There will be no video calls to international
destinations. A call to US and China will cost Rs 1.20 per minute, while to the
UK it will cost Rs 1.20 per minute on landline and Rs 7.20 on mobile.


will charge Rs 150 as monthly VVOIP services fee.


The services will benefit enterprises. The video
telephone can be connected to overhead projectors and LCD TVs for a bigger display
for communication between groups of people.


This mode of service is highly affordable as compared
with conventional video conferencing. To start with video communication will be
restricted within the country and within the BSNL network,” said AK Jain, DDG,


At present, customers can leverage google’s video chat
without much cost. Users can also set up telepresence solutions / video
conferencing from companies like Cisco or Polycom and operators such as Airtel. Enterprises can also
benefit from 3G video calls.


Recently, Bharti Airtel
announced the launch of its international video calling capabilities on 3G for
its customers in India. Airtel’s international video calling is currently available
for 227 international geographies. An Airtel 3G customer in India can see and
talk with his friends and relatives in USA, Canada, Bangladesh face to face
through video call at just Rs.14/min, while on the move. Similarly, video calls
to UAE, Singapore, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and Oman are priced at Rs. 20 per
minute. BSNL does not have any international video calling on its network.


Since there is a huge set up cost, many enterprises are
cagey about utilizing video conferencing services from big players.


BSNL will offer class 5 features such as call hold, call
transfer, do not disturb, call forward, mute, caller ID / name display or
block, call waiting, call waiting caller ID, three-way conferencing, call log,
video phone book, off hook auto dial, auto transfer and other features.


Availability of soft phone, which can be installed on a
PC, will reduce the initial investment for the service. Soft phone is available
free of cost. DVD quality pictures will ensure clarity at both ends. The
services will reduce cost of communication,” said RK Upadhyay, chairman and
managing director of BSNL.


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