BT: identified four strategic sector teams to better serve its customers

BT takes customers on journey by optimizing existing
voice and messaging investments ensuring that assets are brought together and
utilized to the full and only replaced/upgraded where necessary. Sudhir Narang,
MD, BT India, talks about the company’s new offerings and challenges in the
changing market place.


What are the new demands of enterprises CIOs?


Customers are striving to enable employees, and partners
to collaborate faster, improve business processes and customer experience. They
want quicker decision making, capabilities increased business effectiveness,
business resilience, profitability, and critically better service to customers
while balancing costs.


Effective, reliable voice services are critical.
Dealing with increased demands across all communication channels, new
technologies and multiple suppliers is a challenge. Often the result is a
complex environment, with inefficient infrastructure and complex billing.



Our solutions are flexible and offer choice in both
technological and financial options, and we offer this globally fully
underpinned by our network services portfolio guaranteeing quality and
performance. We deliver collaboration solutions to the workforce, partners and
customers unlocking the potential of individuals and sharing information and
knowledge quickly & efficiently across businesses. Our solutions embed
communications into business processes improving business effectiveness,
customer experience and profitability.



How superior are your products and services
as compared with competition?


Solutions are families of BT services and products that
work together as a unified offering to address a single business challenge,
such as CRM, network security, and unified communications. BT offers a wide
range of products and services to help businesses cope with today’s
increasingly complex global communications.


We continue to focus our efforts on the products and
services our customers need to achieve these objectives. Some of our innovative
offerings include BT Next Generation Contact Centre (NGCC), and Unified
Communications and Collaboration (UCC).


We will continue to innovate, working together with our
customers. BT’s portfolio of products and services offers customers the
capabilities to rapidly, securely and efficiently deploy networked IT services
to help them address the current economic challenges and seize opportunities
when the economy revitalizes. We provide our customers innovative networked IT
solutions, spanning voice and IP networking, security, unified communications,
mobility, data centres and contact centres, which help them attain cost
leadership, fully leverage globalization, operate predictably, manage risks,
and increase their speed to market.


What are the new business verticals which
demand UC solutions?


As part of our commitment to customers in key industry
sectors, BT Global Services has identified four strategic sector teams to better
serve its customers: banking & financial markets, government & health,
consumer packaged goods and manufacturing, logistics & pharmaceuticals.
Customers active in these sectors benefit from a range of industry focused
assets in product portfolio, solution designs and infrastructure as well as
sector specific customer management and service teams.


Is audio conferencing still a threat to VC


Audio, web and video conferencing services have been
witnessing upward trends of usage. There is no threat to either of these
services and co-exist, that said there has been a huge uptake for VC as this
reduces the complexities of travel and reduces the cost of travel.


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