BT selects F-Secure’s personal cloud service

Telecom Lead Europe:
BT’s selection of F-Secure’s personal cloud service will enable BT Cloud to offer backup facilities to customers in the U.K.

BT’s U.K. customers can now safely share photos, videos and files across their mobile, tablet or PC.

F-Secure Personal Cloud Service offers device-agnostic user experience for PCs, Macs, smartphones and tablets.

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According to a GfK survey — on behalf of F-Secure — 78 percent of respondents said the content on their devices was more valuable than the device itself.

43 percent of surveyed have lost valuable content in the past.

60 percent of respondents are considering using a cloud storage, synchronization and backup solution to protect their digital assets.

67 percent would trust their broadband provider to safely store and protect their personal content.

Samu Konttinen, executive vice president, customer & market operations, said: “Personal cloud services are moving from a supplementary element to a central tenant of any operator’s new services strategy.”

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