BT taps Voxeo for cloud IVR and automated self-service solutions

Voxeo, an Aspect company, has joined hands with BT to provide cloud interactive voice response (IVR) and automated self-service solutions.

These low cost services can be accessed via phone, web, text and social media channels.

As per the deal, BT will use Voxeo Prophecy and CXP to deliver integrated customer self-service solutions to clients on a per-transaction or per-minute basis as part of its BT Auto Contact offering.

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“BT Auto Contact enables customers to serve themselves and costs from as little as 23p per transaction. Organizations can significantly reduce their service costs while improving customer satisfaction by deploying effective, telephone-based self-service,” said Andrew Small, VP BT Contact & BT One, BT Global Services.

Voxeo’s IVR platform is integrated with BT Inbound Contact, BT’s global voice network, which intelligently routes voice traffic across 170 countries and will allow multi-national deployments to be implemented and managed centrally.

Voxeo’s multi-lingual speech recognition capabilities, plus its sophisticated analytics and reporting capabilities give BT the confidence to build and manage even the most complex multi-national self-service deployments.

With the combination of BT’s network reach and Voxeo’s distributed platforms across Europe, North America and Asia Pacific, organizations can roll out advanced self-service applications to more than 170 countries quickly and with low risk.

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