BT uses iWay Software to secure global messaging platform for financial institutions

iWay Software, a provider of enterprise integration solutions, announced that BT is using iWay to implement its BT Managed Secure Messaging service for financial institutions.

With BT’s solution, banks and other financial institutions can exchange messages securely, reliably, and in a non-repudiable manner while also cutting costs by eliminating costs related to message failures.

BT has worked with iWay Software since 2007, using the core of the company’s enterprise integration platform, iWay Service Manager, to address time-critical and cost-effective demands unique to financial organizations.

BT is now using iWay Software to ensure that every message processed by the service is encrypted, secured, and tamper-free.

“Data quality and security is an important factor for companies like BT whose business relies on creating highly secure communication avenues,” said Dave Watson, chief technology officer at iWay Software.

“BT’s Managed Secure Messaging service allows bankers, brokers, investment managers, treasury managers, and others to not only send reliable, secure messages, but also to increase operational efficiency by being more cost-effective,” Watson added.

By using the service, BT’s customers across the financial community can exchange sensitive financial data, both externally and internally, in a secure manner while also keeping operating costs low.

“The ability to deliver messages securely and reliably, and in a non-repudiable manner, is of paramount importance to our customers,” said Alexandra Foster, global head of Sales, BT Radianz Portfolio, BT.

“By using new iWay Software tools, we’re helping our customers achieve this level of communication security while also reducing failure rates and associated costs, and helping them increase their overall level of service to their customers,” Foster added.

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