Business Octane Launches AltraCOLLABORATOR for Local Telepresence

Business Octane has launched its new telepresence solution AltraCOLLABORATOR.  Besides having the unique advantage of being a retrofit telepresence collaboration solution for the existing conference rooms, boardrooms and meeting rooms, this solution will accelerate on-demand collaboration amongst enterprise nationwide/worldwide teams, with Media-rich Group Telepresence Experience, and Media-Rich Dynamic Telepresence Experience.
AltraCOLLABORATOR enables an organization to conduct highly effective video as well as local meetings. The solution is highly flexible as its in-built features allow participants during a meeting to easily share their content through desktops, documents and whiteboard at the press of a button making all collaborations highly effective and fruitful.
Sanjay Bansal, Chairman of the Board & MD, Business Octane, said, Organizations today are looking for technologies which can be deployed in their existing set-up without major investment and modifications. With Business Octane’s AltraCOLLABORATOR, we are aiming to target enterprises by offering world-class technology matched with unique features which can overcome all the challenges faced by organizations while collaborating via video conference.”
AltraCOLLABORATOR is available in models namely AltraCOLLABORATOR 3000 offering Media-Rich group telepresence experience for six participants and AltraCOLLABORATOR 1000 offering Media-Rich dynamic telepresence experience for up to 12 participants.
These solutions offer superior scalability which can be upgraded and can interoperate with Business Octane’s entire collaboration and learner solutions portfolio and other standards compliant telepresence and teleconferencing systems.