Business Octane launches TeleAllpresence experience

Business Octane
launched Immersive TeleAllpresence that
will give any enterprise a strategic competitive advantage by helping to become
more nimble and agile in the competitive business world.


enables an unprecedented real-time, on demand, highest quality true-to-life get
together of 18 to 600 participants across 3 to 40 locations simultaneously
which till now could not be done both effectively and frequently.


Business Octane’s TeleAllpresence experience is
50 to 100 times more effective than video teleconferences, 10 to 20 times more
effective than legacy Telepresence experience and 3 to 10 times more effective
than even face-to-face meetings.


Business Octane is building a strong
foundation in the telepresence market and today we are very excited to
introduce the world’s first TeleAllpresence solution. We have observed a great
opportunity in the market today with traditional Telepresence solutions able to
cater to only  the basic  enterprise need of connecting two locations
only, which    has hindered adoption of Telepresence till
now,” said
Sanjay Bansal, chairman
and managing director, Business Octane.



However, with the emergence of
Immersive TeleAllpresence platform the experience that was earlier available
for two locations only is  now available for up to a  40 location
simultaneous meeting without any compromise in the meeting experience, which
the legacy Telepresence users had to suffer, which being a fundamental
necessity for any enterprise the adoption by the enterprises
will now grow exponentially,” Bansal added.


TeleAllpresence would also be a
paradigm shift in the way ministerial heads can get together with senior
government officials  across the country/state/district  to
direct and review frequently and effectively with each other for unprecedented
increase in the speed of implementation and execution of various Government
projects, schemes and laws.


Octane has launched seven new solutions based on Business Octane’s
TeleAllpresence which are available in two avatars namely  Immersive Group
TeleAllpresence and  Immersive Dynamic TeleAllpresence suites.


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