Business opportunities from using private 5G networks

Jiang Wen, deputy general manager of RAN Product Marketing at ZTE, says telecom operators can experience unprecedented business opportunities from using private 5G networks.
ZTE in 5G businessTelecom operators can generate revenue from private 5G networks business under industry 4.0. The accelerating digital transformation under industry 4.0 is set to further empower the development of different industries by integrating the latest information technology and mobile technology like never before.

It offers great opportunities for stakeholders like telecom operators, who have obtained experience over the years designing, deploying and optimizing small and large scale networks, to utilize deployment and application scenarios to support various industries even if they have different requirements on underlying telecom networks.

Role of ZTE in the private 5G network businesses

Firstly, ZTE offers flexibility to operators and industries for rolling out the 5G network, accommodating their requirements including budget, availability, scale, performance, features and user-friendliness. Using a united approach with software, the solution can support the deployment of standalone network, physical private network and virtual private network, all depending upon the needs of operators and industries.

In addition, ZTE’s solutions can turn an existing standard 5G base station into a private 5G-capable base station simply by inserting a card into the station. This is an innovation enabling private 5G deployment to become faster, easier and more environmentally friendly, Jiang Wen said.

Secondly, ZTE solutions offer network capabilities to applications with great precision, which is significant in two aspects. On one hand, industries require morereliable and consistent network performance than general consumers. Only the 5G private network with great precision can meet industries’ requirements for speed, latency, connectivity and reliability. On the other hand, precise provisioning of those network capabilities is critical for maximizing return on investment.

ZTE’s Operation and Maintenance (O&M) software and tools enable simple management and operation even in complex networks. The O&M solutions can offer support to allow businesses to save time and manpower for achieving higher business values.

Innovative solutions from ZTE in private 5G network

ZTE’s innovative solutions for private 5G have enabled a number of SMEs and organizations from different industries to benefit from this technology. 5G private network is desirable for many industries, but the ordinary solutions available on the market can hold enterprise users back, due to their concerns abouteconomic feasibility and management convenience.

ZTE NodeEngine solution features private network capability with one board inserted at base station, providing cost-effective 5G private network deployment.

Since the launch of ZTE NodeEngine solution in December 2020, ZTE observed successful deployment across several commercial cases in China. The application scenarios covered a range of sectors including smart manufacturing, community security, smart mining and smart hospital.

ZTE is negotiating with businesses in a range of industries, including steel factories, ports and stadiums, to expand the 5G usage.

Smart manufacture project with Xin Feng Ming Group in Zhejiang is one of these examples. ZTE NodeEngine solution and 5G Standalone network provides the group with the private network in the factory and enables local applications. Using ZTE technology, they have deployed automated guided vehicle (AGV) and visual inspection to improve the efficiency and accuracy rate of chemical fiber inspection.

In addition, the application can be transmitted over the 5G private network quickly and they can subscribe to guaranteed QoS for different applications according to their needs through the self-service portal.