Cable & Wireless starts IPV6 network from 2001

Worldwide announced that it is already meeting early demand for IPv6 networking
from carrier and content distribution network customers.

Cable&Wireless Worldwide was one of the first network providers to roll out IPv6 on its global internet
network. AS1273, the company’s strategic internet platform, has been enabled to
support IPv6 since 2001 and extensive IPv6 peering.


Globe Telecom,
one of the largest carriers in the Philippines, is tapping on C&W
Worldwide’s network to offer IPv6 services to its customers.


As a mission
critical network provider, Cable&Wireless Worldwide is an ideal primary
partner to serve our IPv6 needs and we are pleased to be the first Philippine
carrier to enable IPv6 with them,” said Jesus C. Romero, head of Globe


We are working
with Cable&Wireless Worldwide to provide dual stack IPv4 and IPv6 services to
ensure an undisrupted internet experience for our customers. As we implement
IPv6 in our core IP network, Globe customers will experience a smooth
transition to the next generation IP and can expect business continuity despite
the exhaustion of the IPv4 addresses used today,” Romero added.


Besides Globe,
C&W Worldwide also provides IPv6 connectivity to many global players such
as Akamai – the leading provider of cloud optimisation services.


Akamai is
committed to working with our customers and network partners on a smooth
transition to IPv6. It is imperative that we collaborate with a reliable
network service provider, such as Cable&Wireless Worldwide, that is also
focused on IPv6 readiness so that consumers all over the world continue to
enjoy a seamless online experience,” said Andy Champagne, vice president of
Engineering at Akamai.



With an
IPv6-ready network, C&W Worldwide is well placed to provide enterprises
with a seamless transition from IPv4 to IPv6, and support the future IPv6
requirements of these customers in areas such as corporate internet, broadband
services, hosted services and applications.


Worldwide has also played an active role in the Broadband Forum’s architecture
standards for IPv6 which provide the blueprint for supporting IPv6 in Broadband


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