Cardiac Science expands device connectivity solutions


Cardiac Science Corporation, a automated external
defibrillators (AEDs) and diagnostic cardiac monitoring devices that connect to
electronic medical records (EMRs) and hospital information systems, announced
the new capability of direct communication between the Cardiac Science
HeartCentrix connectivity solution and the GE Healthcare Centricity EMR system.


“Our customers want to connect cardiac monitoring
devices with leading EMRs. With the addition of GE Centricity, we now offer
integration solutions with each of the top ten EMR companies,” said Dave
Marver, CEO, Cardiac Science.


This integration solution will provide thousands of
physicians with the ability to connect Cardiac Science devices to GE Centricity


The connectivity solution supports both purpose-built and
PC-based cardiology devices, including the new Cardiac Science CareCenter MD
diagnostic workstation. HeartCentrix can connect with new and existing
Centricity systems, including versions 9.2 and higher.


The Cardiac Science
HeartCentrix connectivity solution gives physician offices and cardiology
practices the ability to send data from their diagnostic and monitoring devices
into EMR systems.  By eliminating manual transcription processes,
HeartCentrix helps streamline workflow and create efficiencies.


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