CareFusion launches wireless diagnostic and monitoring neurological device

CareFusion has launched the Nicolet EEG
Wireless Amplifier, a device that effectively captures high-resolution brain
wave data used for the diagnosis and treatment of neurological diseases and

Real-time data from the amplifier can be
transferred wirelessly or in tethered mode and stored in the product’s on-board
memory allowing for continuous recording when patients are out of range of a
monitoring computer. This device is ideally suited for hospitals, clinics,
emergency vehicles and in-home ambulatory settings.

With the addition of the EEG Wireless
Amplifier, along with a series of traditional Nicolet EEG and Electromyography
(EMG) systems, CareFusion now offers customers a comprehensive neurodiagnostic
monitoring product line that provides high quality, rich data to clinicians to
help them more effectively deliver patient care.

“Wireless acquisition of EEG data gives patients admitted to the epilepsy
monitoring unit greater freedom and comfort without risking loss of critical
data due to disconnection of the amplifier,” said Chad Carlson, assistant
professor of neurology at the New York University Langone Medical Center
Comprehensive Epilepsy Center.

“With the introduction of the new
wireless amplifier, hospitals and clinics have a new standard of care available
to them for diagnosing, monitoring and helping them treat patients with
neurological disorders,” said Mary de Sousa, vice president and
general manager of NeuroCare at CareFusion.

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