CDYNE slashes SMS rate to 1 cent per message worldwide


Corporation, a provider of communication and data quality web services,
announced the addition of high-quality SMS capacity and upgraded features for
1 cent per message for the CDYNE SMS Notify! 2.0 Web Service.


Notify! 2.0 sends and receives SMS text messages globally, and the

rate includes text messages to all supported networks worldwide.


SMS Notify! 2.0
is a 2-way text messaging Web Service that sends and receives text messages
through secure SMS gateways. Commonly used messaging features include automated
appointment or payment reminders, product delivery status notifications, and
subscriber event messaging.


Services are a key point of integration for business applications that exist on
different platforms, languages, and systems. IT departments can interface with
SMS Notify! 2.0 Web Service using SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) or REST
(Representational State Transfer) protocols to build these communication
features into existing business applications.


response to our customer’s expanding SMS needs, CDYNE is proud to announce the
release of added high-quality SMS capacity at a lower price,” said Christopher Chenoweth, CIO of CDYNE Corporation.
“One of the competitive features of our Web Service APIs is that we
maintain complete control over CDYNE networks and data centers, which means we
can address issues instantly, rather than rely on third parties.”


addition to cutting the price of SMS transactions, CDYNE has added automated keyword
management features into SMS Notify! 2.0. SMS message recipients who type Help,
Stop, End, Cancel, Unsubscribe, and Quit keywords will now receive an automated


Notify! 2.0 is backed up with a 100 percent Service Level Agreement (SLA),
protecting clients from unscheduled outages. CDYNE maintains multiple server
farms, bringing added redundancy and additional capacity to our networks.
CDYNE’s data centers are engineered with multiple levels of security,
uninterruptible power supplies, redundant HVAC systems, fire suppression, and
24 X 7 monitoring and management.

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