CeBIT 2014: ZTE demos new U-Safety public safety solution

At the CeBIT 2014, ZTE showcased its new U-Safety public safety solution targeted at public safety agencies.

The Chinese telecom vendor said the upgraded ZTE U-Safety solution provides trunked radio, safety management and emergency response solutions to emergency management and law enforcement organizations.

The new-generation U-Safety solution has expanded with ZTE’s LTE broadband multimedia trunking solution, clues analysis system, law enforcement platform and public safety monitoring platform. The U-Safety solution is made intelligent and efficient through big data analysis, cloud computing and by its connection to intelligent devices via the Internet of Things.

ZTE said the LTE broadband multimedia trunking solution can address the demands of voice, video and image transmission, enabling public safety departments to operate with optimum efficiency. The clues analysis system uses big data technology for mass video data retrieval, and provides multiple video data analysis functions such as face, vehicle license plate and semantic retrieval to solve crimes.

ZTE U safety Solution

The unified law enforcement platform provides multiple applications such as police information management, workflow automation, mobile law enforcement and biometric identification for the creation of an intelligent system for law enforcement departments.

This platform also comes with a unified data exchange platform that integrates service data to improve the coordination capabilities of these departments. The public safety monitoring platform uses data mining and mathematical modeling technologies to analyze data coming from multiple sources. This ensures emergency services can automatically react to specific conditions and avert crises.

The company said ZTE U-Safety public safety solution is currently being used in over 40 countries and regions.

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