CES 2012: Belkin launches new Advance N900 DB wireless router

Belkin has introduced its wireless networking solution
for maximum speed, range and performance, the Advance N900 DB wireless
dual-band N+ router.

With Belkin’s MultiBeam technology, the N900 creates a
blazing-fast network that supports an entire household of Wi-Fi devices and
media-intensive activities like online gaming and 3D video streaming.

It features dual-band combined speeds of up to 900
megabits per second. The Advance N900 delivers maximum data speeds on both the
2.4GHz and 5GHz bands simultaneously. Built for high speeds, the N900 uses the
IEEE 3×3 standard to transmit data on three streams, which gives 50 percent
better throughput.

Belkin’s MultiBeam technology
delivers a high-powered signal that allows for higher and more consistent
network speeds and minimizes the number of wireless dead spots. With 6 embedded
MultiBeam antennas, the N900 enables optimized video streaming from multiple
devices, throughout the whole home.

An advanced wireless router like the Advance N900 is the
backbone of the always-connected lifestyle brought on by the proliferation of
the tablet and smartphone ecosystem and the explosion in streaming content.
With faster speeds, greater range, and more powerful performance, the N900
opens the door for an entirely new way of thinking about the home network, one
that enables richer media and entertainment experiences for the whole family,
across the whole home,” said Mike Chen, Belkin’s Senior Director of Networking.

IntelliStream quality of service prioritizes video and
gaming streams to eliminate buffering for uninterrupted streaming, and a 600MHz
multi-thread processor enables high-bandwidth multitasking across all devices
on the network. The Advance N900 includes two high-speed USB 2.0 ports for
ultra-fast access to attached network storage or wireless printing, and gigabit
wirespeed routing for downloading at gigabit speeds and streaming from multiple
devices simultaneously.

The Advance N900 is a snap to install with Belkin’s Easy
Setup, a simple process for getting the router out of the box and online in
three easy steps, and also comes with pre-configured encryption settings for
built-in wireless security.

By Telecomlead.com Team
[email protected]