CES 2012: ConvenientPower unveils wireless power innovations

ConvenientPower, an innovator
in wireless power charging products,
announced it will launch several
new wireless power innovations at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show.

ConvenientPower will launch the Qi+ wireless power
transmitter with apps , the fastest charging 5-Watt Qi compatible iPhone4/4S
wireless power receiver, and Qi wireless power modules designed for the
automotive sector to enable freedom of positioning, a breakthrough platform.

“Current Qi transmitters on the market today are
thick and have a large footprint. We have developed a unique PCB coil
technology that delivers half the existing footprint and thickness while
doubling freedom of positioning capabilities. As a result, customers can build
ultra small transmitters for easy bundling with all sorts of mobile devices,”
said Bas Fransen, chief marketing officer of ConvenientPower.

ConvenientPower’s 5-Watt Qi compatible receiver for
iPhone4S, which is the company’s third-generation Qi receiver after the Qi
“Works With iPhone” 3G/3GS and iPhone4.

ConvenientPower’s state-of-the-art wireless power conversion technology allows
integration of 5 Watt receivers in ultra thin protective Qi compatible charging
sleeves, enabling users to charge an iPhone4/4S on any Qi transmitter in
approximately 1 hour, twice as fast and a breakthrough in Qi wireless charging.


ConvenientPower and its partner Philips LiteOn Digital
Solutions will also showcase the Qi compatible freedom of positioning car

By Telecomlead.com Team
[email protected]