CES 2012: CSG International showcases UltraViolet direct-to-consumer content experience

Telecom Lead Team
: CSG Systems International, a provider of software – and
services-based business support solutions, has demonstrated  UltraViolet
direct-to-consumer digital content experience with its Content Direct solution
at CES 2012.


UltraViolet demonstration is based on solutions currently implemented for
market leading customers. CSG, leveraging its Content Direct solution, is
showcasing, how to deliver a complete digital content storefront that enables
content purchase, redemption and management with complete integration of the
UltraViolet Coordinator.


of what the public has seen from UltraViolet thus far has been
physical-to-digital redemption, but UltraViolet’s real power for consumers and
retailers is in the end-to-end experience that integrates online and on-device
shopping with content purchase and redemption, content management and delivery,
and detailed analytics,” said Kent Steffen, president of CSG’s Content Direct


is the collective effort of the members of the Digital Entertainment Content
Ecosystem (DECE) to provide consumers with a new, compelling way to collect and
enjoy movies and TV shows from a wide array of outlets.

allows consumers to create personal digital libraries with the freedom to
access entertainment both at home and on-the-go, across multiple devices.


Content Direct team is working with a number of the leading studios to create
direct-to-consumer digital content experiences across a range of media — from
custom video-on-demand sites to social network storefronts — and to speed up
the adoption of UltraViolet.


Recently, CSG Systems International associated with STL Partners, founders of
the Telco 2.0 Initiative and Digital Entertainment 2.0
Initiative, to present the New Digital Economics Executive Brainstorm 2011
in Singapore.


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