CES 2012: GreenPeak unveils GP570 chip for smart and low cost ZigBee RF4CE motion sense remote controls

GreenPeak Technologies, a fabless semiconductor
company, has launched its new GP570 chip that will allow the development of low
cost motion-enabled remote controls.

The launch is expected to address the
growing demand for smarter and intuitive navigation of interactive
entertainment services offered by operators.

Operators and consumer electronics
manufacturers adopt motion sensing for their remote controls to enhance the
consumer’s user experience with intuitive browsing and navigation extending
into new interactive entertainment services.

GreenPeak’s GP570, highly integrated single
SoC solution, enables building cost-effective motion-enabled remote controls,
which will allow mass market adoption of the new generation remote controls to
become a reality.

The highly integrated GP570 is GreenPeak’s
single chip RF4CE remote control SoC solution with integrated support of motion
sense algorithms based on combined accelerometer and gyroscope input for
advanced gesture recognition and smooth and accurate movement control.

GreenPeak offers the GP570 with reference
designs that allow a seamless integration with minimal efforts and a short time
to market. The GP570 is part of the proven GreenPeak remote control RF4CE
product line.

“Motion-enabled remote controls fit
perfectly with the next generation television content and services. Our silicon
is the most robust and cost effective choice for operators that offer the next
generation TV and Set-top Box services that drive competitive advantage and
subscriber retention. Motion control will transform zapping into a fun, smooth
and intuitive pointing experience,” said Cees Links, founder and CEO of GreenPeak Technologies.

“Next generation remote controls will help
MSO’s and cable providers excite existing subscribers and attract new ones.
Adding motion sensing to RF4CE remote control features like interactivity,
whole house coverage, and outstanding battery life, will help bring the cable
industry into the age defined by products like the Xbox Kinect and Wii,” said
Rob Enderle, principle analyst with Enderle Group.

GreenPeak Technologies announced the first reference design for an RF4CE USB
stick for the integration of RF4CE technology in PC’s and home entertainment
applications like set-top boxes, TV’s and media players.

The GreenPeak RF4CE USB stick reference
design enables a quick RF4CE USB stick implementation with minimal efforts. The
stick design allows for an easy upgrade of PC’s, set-top boxes, TVs and other
home entertainment applications to accept RF4CE commands from an RF4CE remote
control or RF4CE wireless keyboard. The RF4CE USB stick is very compact,
allowing small USB stick designs.

By Telecomlead.com Team
[email protected]