CES 2012: Motorola Mobility announces connected home innovations

Motorola Mobility will introduce the Connected Home
Gateway at CES 2012.

Key innovations from Motorola’s Home division including
Televation, DCX3600 video gateway, DreamGallery, SocialTV, and SecureMedia are
driving the evolution of television, making it easier for consumers to enjoy
and discover new programming, tap into social features, and access content on
multiple devices, both at home and on the go.


“We’re seeing more consumption of more media and
lifestyle services across more devices. This is an unprecedented opportunity
for service providers to differentiate by streamlining these converged
experiences. At CES, Motorola is showcasing a range of new products that are
paving the way for the next stage of the connected home,” said Dan
Moloney, president, Motorola Mobility.

Motorola Connected Home Gateway handles the complexity of
today’s home networks as well as the traditional obstacles of service
installation and maintenance. All consumers have to do is plug in the gateway,
and the unit automatically connects their home control devices to the home

Its powerful 1.2 GHz processor running Motorola’s open
4Home software platform supports and abstracts a host of standards and
protocols, hiding the complexity of multiple disparate devices on the home
network. It allows consumers to access their homes remotely, from a smartphone,
tablet or PC. Motorola’s on-board EDGE Service Assurance software lets service
providers deliver support, proactive quality assurance and service activation
in real-time, meaning faster, and more efficient customer service.

A recent Motorola study found that more than 69 percent
of people, globally, watch TV on a device other than their television.

At CES 2012, Motorola is showcasing new solutions that
bring TV up to Internet speed: giving users a smart, streamlined way to enjoy a
personalized TV experience and relevant social features from your smartphone,
PC or tablet.

Televation: TV Beyond the TV

Televation, by Motorola, lets consumers watch live
TV on their tablets, anywhere in the home. It’s the only solution that delivers
a full cable subscription onto the tablet, wirelessly. Televation and
its hosted client app work with Motorola XOOM and DROID XYBOARD by Motorola
tablets, as well as tablets from other manufacturers.

Advanced Video Gateway: Making the Shift to

Motorola’s DCX3600 IP Video Gateway marks the set-top’s
evolution into the entertainment hub of the home. This advanced video
gateway enables a truly connected home environment by merging traditional
broadcast TV with new IP-based content and capabilities for whole-home media
distribution across multiple screens. Consumers can view, record or play video
on any networked device, in any room, seamlessly.

At CES 2012, Motorola will be demonstrating the IP
Connected Home experience of tomorrow with the DCX3600 distributing video to
a variety of connected devices, including an IP set-top, DROID RAZR by Motorola
smartphone, DROID XYBOARD by Motorola tablet and PS3 gaming console.

DreamGallery: Innovation at Internet Speeds

Consumers have expressed a desire for a richer experience when it comes to
finding their favorite programming and discovering new TV content. With the end
user in mind, Motorola’s DreamGallery is an on-screen experience that
revolutionizes the user experience for next-generation TV. DreamGallery makes
the experience of finding shows, movies and sports on TV as easy as on the

By Telecomlead.com Team
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