CEVA dominates DSP IP Market with 90% market share

Telecom Lead America: CEVA, a licensor of silicon
intellectual property (SIP) platform solutions and DSP cores for the mobile
handset, is leading in DSP IP shipments in 2011 with a 90 percent market share.


The company was ranked #1 by research firm The
Linley Group.


“CEVA has an impressive customer base for its
DSP portfolio, especially in communications and multimedia. Furthermore,
with the 4G transition well underway, high-performance programmable DSPs are
required to efficiently handle complex multimode baseband processing. CEVA
is well positioned to capitalize on this trend,” said J. Scott
Gardner, an analyst at The Linley Group and co-author of A Guide to CPU
Cores and Processor IP.


CEVA’s DSP cores power many of the world’s leading
semiconductors for a broad range of applications including cellular baseband,
imaging, vision, audio, voice, voice-over-IP and more.


The company said that its communications DSP architecture
framework addresses every advanced wireless standard, including LTE-Advanced,
WI-Fi 802.11ac and DTV demodulation.


Furthermore, the company added that its CEVA-XC4000 sets
a new milestone for power efficiency and utilizes an innovative instruction set
to enable highly complex, software-based baseband processing.


Likewise, the new CEVA-TeakLite-4 DSP
architecture framework for advanced audio and voice processing introduces
innovative smart power management technology and supports customer-owned
extensions, making it a highly flexible architecture and ideal for even the
most area and power sensitive designs.


“Our unrivalled expertise in DSP technology for high
volume mobile and digital home applications drives our success and is the reason
we are the DSP-of-choice for many of the world’s leading semiconductors and
OEMs,” said Gideon Wertheizer, CEO of CEVA.


Icom license CEVA DSP for wireless baseband spplications


Recently, CEVA announced that Icom licensed CEVA DSP core
technology to power its digital wireless communication products.


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