Charter Communications selects Contec for STB testing and repair

Telecom Lead America: Charter Communications has selected Contec as the preferred provider of set-top box (STB) testing and repair across Charter’s service territory.

Charter will optimize management of its STB fleet using Contec’s QuickTest automated testing stations and web-based data and support resources.

Charter is expected to expedite testing and return-to-service of functional STBs. Charter will identify and address performance trends, and can rapidly service and redeploy units requiring repair within Contec’s state-of-the-art facility.

Its QuickTest station can process more than 100 devices per hour with high degrees of flexibility and accuracy.  The QuickTest system includes 24-slot test-stations that can simultaneously test any mix of STBs – regardless of manufacturer or model – as well as real-time access to full, historic test data across operator and STB footprints; live and automated support and preventive maintenance resources; and billing system updates.

“Rapid, accurate testing, returning quality inventory to the field as quickly as possible and ensuring the optimal condition of our set-top box inventory are important to ensuring our customers have the best service experience,” said Kathy Carrington, vice president, Corporate Services for Charter.

“Ensuring full visibility into testing, repair and performance trends is crucial to an efficient STB management program,” said Wes Hoffman, COO of Contec.  “We’re delighted that Charter selected QuickTest as the system that most effectively meet those needs and maximize the value of its set-top box inventory.”

Charter said QuickTest automatically performs more than a dozen tests, including DVR functionality, tuner functionality and a parametric test of picture quality, as well as a test of true – not down converted – HDMI quality.

Meanwhile, Cisco reported 2 percent drop in set-top box (STB) revenue market in the second quarter from the previous quarter.

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