China Information Technology’s Shuohuang Railway GIS Project Advances

China Information Technology, a provider of information technologies and display
technologies, announced its project with Shuohuang Railway Development has made
important breakthroughs.  It recently passed its appraisal phase, and is now
entering its implementation phase. The project will be the first time GIS
technology has been adopted by China‘s railway

In January 2011, Shuohuang Railway commissioned
the Company to contribute its sophisticated GIS systems to the Shuohuang
Railway Geographic Information System (SR-GIS). On June 1,
, a special appraisal meeting was held in Beijing
to plan the further implementation of the new SR-GIS.

The project, undertaken by the company’s
controlled entity Wuda Geo Informatics Co, recently acquired all necessary
approvals for its use. The GIS
system itself has won expert praise for its comprehensive professional
equipment management capabilities, which include the simultaneous management of
trains, automobiles machines, labor and electricity that are within the same
geographical space.

The Shuohuang railway system is one of the main transportation channels for China‘s National West-to-East Coal Transfer project,
and carries over 350 tons of coal annually across the country.

We are very pleased by the rapid pace at which this project has progressed,
and we are excited to see it finally implemented across the Shuohuang railway.
We believe the SR-GIS will significantly modernize and streamline this critical
rail system,” said Jiang Huai Lin, chairman and
CEO of China Information Technology.

Our years of experience in GIS research and design, and a long track record
of successfully executed projects, made us the ideal GIS provider for this
mission-critical project.  With our superior R&D capabilities and
first-mover status, we expect to continue expanding our market share of GIS in China through rail and other new industries,”  Lin

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