China Mobile and Anite to facilitate global roll-out of TD-LTE

Telecom Lead Team:
China Mobile Research Institute (CMRI) and Anite, a provider
of wireless device testing technology, have signed an agreement to collaborate
on research to facilitate the global roll-out of TD-LTE technology.


will work with Anite to develop validated protocol conformance and
interoperability test specifications and test systems. The cooperation will
help speed up volume availability of TD-LTE devices.


experts expect TD-LTE to capture a significant share of the LTE market. The
Global TD-LTE Initiative (GTI) was established in February 2011 by
international mobile network operators and 33 TD-LTE trial networks have been
launched across the world.


is delighted to be collaborating with China Mobile to support a successful
commercial LTE service for both China and the global market. As a leading
provider of device test solutions, Anite recognised the potential of TD-LTE
early in 2009 and leads the market in terms of test case availability,”
said Mike Bonin, MD of Anite‘s Handset Testing business.


was the first company to verify LTE conformance test cases in 2009 and has
consistently remained at the forefront of the handset testing industry.
Its highly flexible and reliable software solutions make Anite a key partner to
the major telecoms manufacturers and operators. With a diverse team focused on
exceeding expectations, Anite draws upon worldwide expertise and is
enthusiastic about the future of LTE.


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