China Mobile uses Cobham to test 5G massive MIMO

China Mobile Massive MIMOCobham Wireless has delivered its test solution to China Mobile to enable the operator to verify the capacity and performance Massive MIMO technology.

China Mobile engineers are planning to deploy massive MIMO technology as part of their strategy to improve network capacity and energy efficiency by increasing the number of data signals.

The massive MIMO technology can improve end-user experience by directing signal to areas where there is high-bandwidth demand, and away from areas where less energy is required.

Cobham Wireless has worked with China Mobile Research Institute to develop a multi-beam Massive-MIMO performance test solution offering a cost effective way to validate Massive MIMO core technologies and system functions.

Engineers at Cobham Wireless will be testing the massive MIMO technology in a virtualised environment that can simulate real world conditions and different beam-based capacity performance scenarios.

“Cobham Wireless has an excellent understanding of the requirements of validating 5G Massive-MIMO performance and has the ability to innovate and unlock the bottleneck of the industry,” Guangyi Liu, chief technology officer of Wireless Department, China Mobile Research Institute, said.

Cobham Wireless’ test solution is implemented on a software-based validation platform, which can easily adjust to new standards, said Li-Ke Huang, 5G Research and Technology Director at Cobham Wireless.