China Telecom inks strategic deal with China 3C Group

Telecom Lead Asia: China Telecom has entered into a
strategic partnership with China 3C Group, a wholesale distributor and retailer
of 3C merchandise including, computers, communication products and consumer


Under the terms of the agreement, China 3C’s retail
stores will serve as China Telecom’s authorized point of service in all of its
core areas including fixed-line telephone services, mobile services, Internet
connections and applications, and prepaid phone services.


Through this agreement, both companies have agreed to
form a large-scale cooperation in the Hangzhou area.


Hangzhou is the capital city
of Zhejiang province on the East Coast of China, and the home
to China 3C.


“China Telecom is China’s major
telecommunication operator and a Top 500 Global Corporation.  A
partnership with China 3C demonstrates their strong confidence in us
and represents a significant milestone in China 3C’s business
development,” Zhenggang Wang, chairman and chief executive officer
of China 3C.


The partnership is based on the trend of 3G mobile
Internet development and the two parties’ respective unique competitive


China Telecom also known as the China Telecommunications
Corporation provides integrated information services including fixed-line
telephones, mobile services, Internet connections and application


China Telecom has subsidiary companies in 31 provinces
and branches in the Americas, Europe, Hong Kong and Macao.


The operator has a wide range of branded products
including “Tianyi”, “My e-Home”, “BizNavigator”,
and “Best Tone”, among others.


China Mobile to introduce NFC phones


Recently, China Mobile got success in developing
the first TD-CDMA 3G smartphone that supports Near Field
Communication (NFC) technology.


Prior to that, China Mobile entered into an association for NFC
collaboration with China UnionPay, a national payments network of China.


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