China’s Shandong province teams with IBM to improve safety of pork products

IBM and Shandong Commercial Group announced that they
have built a system that will help ensure the safety of pork products in
the Shandong Province while improving the efficiency of the food
supply chain in the region.  


To limit the impact of porcine diseases and prevent
tainted pork from being sold to consumers, Lushang Group began working with IBM
in 2010 to create the new system, which is being tested by six selected
slaughter houses, six warehouses and about 100 Inzone hypermarkets and
supermarkets across theShandong province.


Pork is a major pillar of the economy in
the Shandong Province, one of China’s most important agricultural


When fully deployed in 2013, the system will allow
Lushang Group to monitor and trace the movement of meat across all phases of
the supply chain, including farms, processing plants, trucks and


This system will give consumers in the Shandong
Province confidence in the pork products they serve to their
families,” said Wang Guo Li, director, National Agricultural Research
Center for Modern Logistics Engineering.


Using IBM WebSphere software running on IBM System x
Servers, experts from IBM China Development Lab and National Engineering
Research Center for Agricultural Products Logistics have created a pork
monitoring and tracking system that can extract and store actionable business
information from the millions of interconnected sensors that make up the
“Internet of Things”.


“Based on our experiences in building food and
pharmaceutical tracking systems in other countries, IBM has helped to create a
system that traces pork through the entire supply chain from pig farms all the
way to supermarkets,” said Matt Wang, vice president, IBM
China Development Lab.


The IBM China Logistics Solutions Lab was set up in March
of this year to bring together advanced data management and analytics skills,
industry-specific offerings and the expertise required to make logistics
networks and supply chains safer and more efficient.


IBM announced that it is going to acquire Emptoris, a provider of cloud and
on-premise analytics software.

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