Chinese oil & gas producer selects RADWIN for connectivity

global provider of Backhaul and Broadband Wireless Solutions, announced that
its wireless communication systems were deployed by the China National Offshore
Oil Corporation – a multi-billion dollar company and the largest offshore oil
and gas producer in China.


The China
National Offshore Oil Corporation is using the RADWIN 2000 high-capacity
Point-to-Point systems to connect its corporate offices to off-shore oil
platforms located 86 kilometers apart in the sea.


fulfills the needs of utility companies all over the world, empowering them to
cost-effectively deliver voice and data services to remote locations over the
land and sea. With our solutions, utility companies can set-up communications
easily and realize cost savings in comparison to other modes of
communications,” said Roni Weinberg, executive VP & COO, RADWIN.


2000 sub-6 GHz solutions deliver up to 200 Mbps at ranges of up to 120 Km/75
miles. Incorporating advanced radio technologies such as OFDM and MIMO and a
unique air protocol, RADWIN’s solutions deliver superior performance in
challenging geographical environments including non-line-of-sight paths,
extreme weather conditions and over water.


VSAT links we were using provided low bandwidth and didn’t satisfy the
requirements of our growing network data services. After an intensive
evaluation process we chose RADWIN’s links because they were the only systems
capable of delivering high capacity over tens of kilometers. Today we couldn’t
be happier; RADWIN’s systemsoperate in high humidity conditions and over water,
and even in situations where there is no direct line-of-sight,” said
manager in the Communications Department of China National Offshore Oil


recently announced the launch
of its RADWIN 5000 High capacity Point-to-MultiPoint (HPMP) solution for the
licensed 3.x GHz and 2.5 GHz bands.


HPMP delivers up to 100 Mbps aggregate net throughput per sector in these
licensed bands, as well as dedicated bandwidth with guaranteed Service Level
Agreement (SLA) and highest spectrum efficiency.


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