Chunghwa Telecom Labs selects Spirent for cloud security testing

Addressing the uncertainty surrounding cloud security is critical for large-scale adoption of cloud computing in enterprises. Chunghwa Telecom Laboratories (CHTTL), the research and development arm of Chunghwa Telecom, Taiwan’s largest network operator, selected solutions from Spirent

Communications to help validate the security of its cloud computing centers.

Security testing must extend across multiple aspects of the cloud including services and virtual machines, as well as the physical infrastructure. This led CHTTL to use Spirent Avalanche Virtual, the
industry’s only all-in-one” cloud testing solution, as well as Spirent Avalanche, the leading layer 4-7 application performance test solution.

Testing with Spirent enables CHTTL to simulate attacks in a cloud computing environment for virtual firewall testing, and to measure the performance of virtualized network infrastructures
and applications deployed in the cloud.

Chunghwa Telecom aims to be a leading cloud service provider, and plans to deliver reliable and secure services to customers. According Chunghwa Telecom, Spirent’s security solutions enable it to ensure that its cloud platform is reliably delivering the business benefits of elastic

Last year, Chunghwa Telecom announced plans to launch four cloud computing centers aimed at deploying a wide range of services. As was previously announced, CHTTL already selected Spirent TestCenter Virtual for benchmarking the performance of its data centers and virtual servers.

Many enterprises and service providers are planning to deploy cloud networks and services, and security is definitely their top concern.” said Gene Zhang, vice president, Asia at Spirent Communications.

By leveraging Spirent’s cloud computing test solution for both infrastructure and applications, especially our security test application tailored for virtualized networks, Chunghwa Telecom is able
to ensure it offers high-performance, reliable and secure cloud services,” Zhang added.

Spirent Avalanche Virtual is the only test solution that offers both client and server emulation, required to accurately replicate real user traffic in cloud environments and to validate the robustness and resiliency of the cloud with encrypted traffic and threats.

Spirent Avalanche Virtual also provides the empirical data necessary to measure the performance of applications deployed in the cloud, enabling enterprises and cloud service providers to understand the impact of large-scale cloud-based application deployments against their expected quality of experience benchmarks.

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