Cinterion unveils world’s thinnest HSPA+ module for M2M applications; to give easy migration for LTE networks

Cinterion, a M2M provider and a Gemalto company, announced the launch of
the world’s thinnest HSPA+ M2M module.

This ruggedized, high-bandwidth module features flexible Surface
Mounting Technology and enables secure, high-speed voice and data
communications on global 2G and 3G cellular networks.

It provides a reliable bridge to forthcoming 4G LTE networks. At 2 mm in
height, PHS8 is ideal for the most space-constrained M2M solutions such as
increasingly compact industrial PDAs, global tracking and tracing devices,
discreet security systems, mHealth solutions and more. 

“Our new PHS8 module enables advanced communications for today’s
networks and readiness for tomorrow’s technology,” said Norbert Muhrer, CEO,

“Providing a compatible footprint as a bridge to the future while protecting M2M solution longevity is
key to implementation success. For our customers, this implies optimizing their
technology investments for many years to come,” Muhrer added.

With integrated GPS and flexible surface mounting PHS8 simplifies
integration and streamlines efficient mass manufacturing to deliver lower total
cost of ownership for M2M customers.

The module’s thermal design extends the temperature range from -40°C to
+85°C for reliable communications in even the most extreme conditions.
Integrated voice coding algorithms enable superior voice quality and hands-free
capabilities essential for industrial PDAs and mobile communications even while
in transit or at work in the field.

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