Cisco desktop virtualization offers unified voice and video to virtual environments

announced the next phase of its Virtualization Experience Infrastructure (VXI)
with new offerings and innovations that can offer uncompromised desktop
virtualization experiences.

its expertise in Unified Communications, Cisco announced endpoints that enable
voice and video in virtual desktop environments.

Cisco also
announced a strategic alliance agreement with Citrix. As the first deliverable
of this collaboration, Cisco Wide Area Application Services (WAAS) will be
optimized for Citrix XenDesktop, which will help customers reduce bandwidth
necessary to deploy desktops virtually over wide area networks (WAN) —
enabling better scalability and optimal end user collaboration experiences.

The announcement comes at a time when desktop
virtualization is on the rise in the enterprise. The worldwide hosted virtual
desktop (HVD) market is expected to reach 70 million units, or 15 percent of
enterprise desktops and laptops by 2014.

the innovations we are announcing today, Cisco is accelerating our customers’
journey to desktop virtualization and the next-generation virtual workspace.
We’re giving customers an easy way to scale highly secure solutions, optimize
bandwidth and enable more users to enjoy great video and voice-centric virtual
experiences. Desktop computing is changing, and Cisco, along with our valued
partners, is continuing to lead the way,” said Manny
Rivelo, senior vice president, Engineering Operations and Systems, Cisco

To further accelerate this rapid market growth, customers
need to ensure users receive a rich high-definition experience for voice and
video, and an integrated systems approach that reduces the costs and complexity
of deployment.

Cisco is addressing this opportunity with VXI. Cisco VXI is an open, validated
virtual workspace solution that integrates products and technologies across
Cisco’s network-based architectures — from Collaboration to Borderless
Networks to the Data Center as well as from partners — to help deliver a
flexible, highly secure infrastructure with exceptional user experiences and
unsurpassed business value.

are rapidly adopting desktop virtualization for mainstream use in order to
enable a mobile workforce, and they are looking for their strategic partners
like Citrix and Cisco to deliver end-to-end integrated solutions. Our new
five-year strategic alliance agreement will allow our two companies to enable
customers to scale their virtual desktop deployments with increased confidence
and security, while also ensuring a high-quality desktop, voice and video
experience for their users,” said Sumit Dhawan, group vice
president and general manager, Receiver and Gateways group at Citrix

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