Cisco Enhances Security Solutions for Borderless Networks Portfolio

Cisco has introduced new security, management, and video solutions to its Borderless
Networks portfolio to help IT departments more efficiently manage the
proliferation of mobile devices, ongoing changes in workforce habits, and the
impact of video on the network.

The Cisco Connected Technology World Report (2010) found
that the demand to work from anywhere with the user’s device of choice is
increasing dramatically, as is the demand to use video to enhance
communications. Responding to those demands, Cisco is delivering networking
technology and services from Cisco and our partners that enables IT
professionals to centrally manage and automate security and access control for
any device across the organization, as well as supporting embedded video and
voice for emerging business practices.

Cisco’s Borderless Networks is a comprehensive architecture that incorporates routing, switching, mobility, security and wide-area network optimization. This announcement adds several key
products and services to that portfolio, that include Cisco Identity Services
Engine, and Cisco ISE. Cisco has added support for ISE to the TrustSec Planning
and Design Service. This service provides policy review, analysis and
design expertise to help customers extend the Borderless Networks TrustSec
solution throughout their network.

In addition, Cisco Prime for Enterprise enables IT departments to more effectively
manage their networks and network services, being built on a service-centric
foundation and a set of common operational attributes, and delivering an
intuitive workflow-oriented user experience across Cisco architectures,
technologies and networks to simplify network management, improve operational
efficiency, speed troubleshooting, and increase network services

Cisco Medianet and Video Conferencing optimizes video delivery by embedding media
and network intelligence into endpoints and network elements.

A series of new validated design guides and enhanced SBA offerings enables
partners and customers to take advantage of Cisco’s best practices and system
testing as they design, implement, optimize and manage their borderless network

Additionally, Cisco offers its newest smart service innovation, Collaborative Professional
Services. CPS leverages Cisco expertise to help partners build their professional
services practices around Borderless Networks architectures to offer customers
a true borderless network experience.

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