Cisco introduces solutions to improve bandwidth at entertainment venues


Cisco announced that it introduced new solutions to help
sports and entertainment venues and service providers enhance wireless
bandwidth and performance in high-density areas while monetizing the delivery
of personalized mobile experiences. 


Cisco’s Connected Sports solutions are networking the
sports and entertainment industry to deliver rich and interactive experiences
pervasively to fans anytime, anywhere.


Cisco Connected Stadium Wi-Fi is the industry’s first Wi-Fi solution specifically designed
for large high-density environments such as stadiums and arenas.


The tailored solution provides a single,
highly secure wireless network that extends real-time, reliable access to
mobile applications and services simultaneously to the thousands of fans
congregating in these venues, while creating new business opportunities for
teams, venue owners and operators. 


As the use of smartphone and other
Wi-Fi-enabled mobile devices continue to rise, guests in attendance at games
and other events are seeking a reliable and consistent mobility experience.


Cisco Connected Stadium Wi-Fi provides
high-capacity, blanket Wi-Fi coverage on a converged and customizable network
for all persons in attendance at the event, including employees, back office
and press operations.


Core to the solution is the latest in
wireless technology innovation, the
Cisco Aironet® 3500p Access
Point with CleanAir technology, which is optimized to deliver these capabilities.


The Aironet 3500p is Cisco’s first
access point specifically
designed to meet the performance and aesthetic needs of high-density


This new access point optimizes performance
through a high-density directional antenna and special configuration that
allows precise focus of the wireless airwaves into a concentrated area.


Cisco Aironet 3500p has customizable settings
that tailor the solution to operate effectively in the unique configurations of
sports and entertainment venues.  Further, the flat-panel design of the
antenna easily blends into these highly visual environments.


Cisco Aironet’s CleanAir technology minimizes
wireless interference by detecting and avoiding other wireless traffic in the
area, improving performance and reliability. This results in a significant
increase in Wi-Fi coverage and capacity for mobile devices, opening the door to
next-generation fan experiences offered by teams, leagues, venues and service


Cisco Connected Stadium Wi-Fi
allows service providers to more effectively offload video and data traffic
onto a Wi-Fi network in high-density environments, delivering enhanced mobile
experiences to fans and innovative new revenue opportunities for sports
properties and venue operators.


For sports and entertainment properties, this solution
offers the ability to utilize a single Wi-Fi network for all wireless needs,
providing reliable coverage that helps offer a more customized and mobile
experience for fans. 


Venue specific offerings, such as video replays, loyalty
programs, event statistics and information and logistics, and food and beverage
purchases can be used to engage fans in new ways, translating into revenue
growth potential.


We want to offer our fans the highest
quality connectivity to their mobile devices while attending our games, while
also offering them compelling services that enrich their overall experience. By
deploying the new Connected Stadium Wi-Fi solution we were able to eliminate
congestion on 3G/4G networks, allowing us to provide innovative services and
unique experiences to our fans and ultimately improve ticket sales,”
saidRobb Heineman, CEO, Sporting Club


Cisco is proud to work with forward thinking
brands such as Sporting Club to bring a unique and technologically advanced
experience for fans through flexible and customizable networking solutions,”
said  David Holland, general manager and senior vice president, Sports and
Entertainment Solutions Group, Cisco Team
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