Cisco launches ASA CX to extend its context-based security

Telecom Lead Team:
  Cisco has announced that it is
extending the Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance, a most deployed firewall
platform, with the new Cisco ASA CX Context-Aware Security solution.


The extension is built upon Cisco’s established security
Cisco SecureX.


The solution enables administrators to control which
devices and users have access, it identifies more than 1,000 applications, such
as Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter and iTunes, which it breaks down into
more than 75,000 micro applications.


This solution moves the ASA platform well beyond the
capabilities of existing “next generation” firewalls by providing
unprecedented visibility into security threats and highly-customizable
application access control.


Cisco is updating its midrange firewall appliances to use
the Cisco SecureX Framework for a context-aware approach to security. With
additions to the Cisco TrustSec solution and its policy-management
platform, Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE), Cisco is once again
setting the industry benchmark for security.


“Instead of taking a firewall-only approach, Cisco
has taken a context-aware approach where the firewall is a living, breathing
and dynamic part of the highly secure network. Cisco is building security into
the network, utilizing all of the unique ability of the network to deliver
context, intelligence and control,” said Christopher Young, senior vice
president of Security and Government Group, Cisco.


Furthermore, it utilizes the power of the Cisco SecureX
Framework — a context-aware, network-centric security framework that’s delivered
across unified access, edge, branch, data center and cloud segments of an
overall network, supported by Cisco’s portfolio of security products and


Recently, Cisco announced that TELUS deployed key components of the Cisco Videoscape platform
to extend its Optik TV services to mobile devices through its Optik on the go


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