Cisco provides Intelligent Automation Software to CSC

Telecom Lead Europe: CSC, a provider of
technology-enabled business solutions and services, is deploying Cisco’s
Intelligent Automation for Cloud solution to automate the delivery and
management of cloud services to clients.

CSC said that the Cisco solution can automate the complex
processes involved in cloud service delivery. The company is working with
alliance partners like Cisco to provide an automation and management layer for
CSC’s off-premises and on-premises cloud models.


Intelligent automation software from Cisco is
fundamental to building our cloud services platform because it can automate the
many procedures that span operations, and can integrate smoothly across
heterogeneous environments. It allows us to deliver self-service provisioning
and orchestration across Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) as well as other existing
systems,” said Siki Giunta, global vice president, Cloud Computing and Software
Services, CSC.


The company said that the deployment allows it to provide
a self-service portal and service catalog that enables clients to easily order
cloud infrastructure services online with on-demand provisioning.


The demand for cloud services is accelerating rapidly,
and CSC is benefiting from that growth. In an effort to deliver cloud services
faster and more efficiently, CSC saw the value in Cisco’s intelligent automation
software for provisioning physical and virtual infrastructure on the Vblock
platform and other environments,” said Flint Brenton, senior vice president of
Cisco’s Intelligent Automation Solutions.


CSC’s infrastructure includes VCE’s Vblock platform as a
preferred infrastructure stack for cloud services, comprising Cisco (UCS) blade
servers, Cisco networking components, EMC storage systems and VMware
virtualization technology.


Nilesat selects Cisco to strengthen contribution network


Recently, Cisco announced that Nilesat, a satellite
operator in the MENA region installed Cisco digital media network solutions for
its contribution network.


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