Cisco unveils Wi-Fi products for Indian households

Cisco announced the launch of Wi-Fi products in Linksys X-series as well
as new routers in the Linksys E-series portfolio.

The Linksys X-series help consumers create a
high speed wireless home network that works with both DSL and cable broadband
connections. The Linksys X-series is the ideal solution for consumers to go
wireless with their fixed broadband connection and for those who want to
upgrade to wireless-N. The new all-in-one solutions provide consumers with the
flexibility to connect to cable and DSL broadband connections when moving to a
new home or switching service providers.

Cisco has refreshed its Linksys E-series wireless
router family and with the launch of the Linksys

Wireless-N Range Extender. The new lineup of Linksys E-series routers provides
the power required for today’s connected home
. Providing
speeds up to 450Mbps its key features include 3×3 spatial stream configuration
for improved coverage, external power amplifiers to maintain signal strength
over a greater distance and reduce dead spots, and virtual USB technology to
connect USB printers, storage, and other devices to the network.

Cisco introduces the Linksys Wireless-N Range Extender, which is designed to take an
existing wireless signal and then repeat it throughout the home to ‘extend’ the
signal.  The Linksys Range Extender also acts as a wireless bridge – connecting a wired printer, Internet enabled TV or game console to the wireless
network through its integrated Ethernet port.

“With Wi-Fi technology becoming an indispensible
part of our lives, Cisco is committed to provide premium Wi-Fi
connectivity.  Our latest range of products gives consumers the freedom to
choose solutions as per their requirements. Cisco home routers and extender
helps in setting up powerful networking for connecting various devices such as
Internet ready televisions, Blu-ray players, tablets, laptops, smart phones,
game consoles and set-top boxes to enable supreme home entertainment
experience,” said Amanulla Khan, regional sales manager, India and Middle East,
Cisco Home Networking.

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